More work on the Roundhouse

Club member Basil Casabona continues to apply his talents to finishing installing the windows and doors on shed #1 and #2 of the roundhouse. We agreed that working on the east side of shed #2 would “fool” the visitor coming into the layout into thinking a lot more windows and doors have been installed than … Continue reading

New Cabinets for the Workshop

We had some of our power tools nicked. They were battery powered and they didn’t get the batteries????????? That led us to reconsider (a) where we kept our power tools and (b) what sort of replacements. President Chuck Whitlock ordered new Ryobi battery powered tools and  a battery powered Dremel like tool. Club member Lonnie … Continue reading

A rats nest in a diesel

There has been a collective decision that the excess rolling stock and motive power should be made available to whomever might like them provided they make a modest donation to the club’s coffers. The excess diesels, which are too modern to be used on our layout, have been stored in my train room for nigh … Continue reading

Working on the Roundhouse

Our roundhouse was created by master carpenter/club member Joe Cooper. Masterpieces come in many, many pieces. I was supposed to paint and install the windows and doors. They have languished in my workshop for over a year. So, I was VERY grateful when club member Basil Casabona kindly took on the job of painting, assembling … Continue reading