Constructing the base for the Homestead at the base of Three Chop Ridge

In the middle of the pic below you can see a small house and to its left the outline of a tunnel portal:

Wide angle of Three Chop Ridge

Wide angle of Three Chop Ridge

The homestead is sitting on a platform. This platform is strong enough to be stood upon so that we can reach the top of the ridge. The platform was the last piece to be installed of theThree Chop Ridge frame. The pics below show the construction in progress.

Plwood for the homestead platform

Frank Davis bringing in the plywood from which the platform will be cut after preliminary fitting. Tony Phillips is watching.

Scibing the plywood for the homestead platform

Chuck Whitlock scribing the plywood for the next cut. Frank Davis is holding.

Fitting track on the homestead platform

Tony Phillips and Frank Davis helping lay the track on the platform