Wiring the Layout and Renewing the Sea Wall

It takes a lot of effort to have the layout operate flawlessly four hours a day. seven days a week, two hundred and eighty days a year. In this picture you can see several projects going on at the same time. Frank Davis is on the floor working on wiring. The sea wall, as you can see is being replaced (in our imagination the layout runs around Mendo Cove -the floor being the sea). The original sea wall was more “artistic” but “the little people” liked to hang on to it and it deteriorated over time so …….. replace in toto.

Workin' on the railroad

Workin’ on the railroad Frank Davis style

The stack of boxes o0f screws are for use on the addition to the west wall. The black “plate” enables us to step on the main tracks whilst working on the next level.