It’s all in the detail (on the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad)

The mark of truly great model train layout is the detail. If you can get the visitor to say to his/her partner, “Did you see that?” then you know that you are on the track. Detailing takes LOTS of patience, time and most important a vision of what the final diorame might look like. We have two master detailers, Chuck Whitlock and Frank Davis.

Here’s some pics of Chuck at work. Chuck took a small corner of the turntable and saw in his mind’s eye a scene where a broken. non-running railbus the club owned could be used to portray a busy repair scene.

Detail on the turntable at the Mendocino Model Railroad

Look at all the detail it takes to fill the eye…….

Real or a model -a mini diorama of the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad

Looks real doesn’t it?

The start of the railbus repait diorama on the Mendocino Model Railroad Layout

The beginning of the mini diorama

The railbus repair diorama on the Mendocino Model Railroad taking shape

The scene taking shape